Thursday, 14 February 2013

#love & #sun & #creativity

it's valentine's day and the sun is out and the snow looks fantastic below the #bluesky.

there's horses rollicking in the fields and far below the wooded glen, a brook babbles towards the river.

oh to be carried away by the warmth of the sun.

so yes, there's been more snow and yet another thaw, so all looks good for this weekend's peer to peer meeting at the strutt's building in belper at 2pm.

i understand from chris that she is plannng to talk a bit about her creativity workshops that are taking place at studio 61 in march, april and june.  if you're interested in taking part in the workshop and would like to know a bit more about what chris is planning to do, contact her via the email address or phone for a chat.

Friday, 8 February 2013

#belperarttrail : we've begun

oh yes, oh smile, oh joy ! our first submission arrived today. thank you for your submission. i'm feeling cheeky tonight so the rest of you will have to wait for the news of  who is was !!!!

one thing i've not discussed much in the blog is the publication of the words describing why the images are the artist's favourites. i think this year those words will be made available through the downloadable guide.

we're so excited and nervous about just how many submissions we might receive.  the deadline is march 10th at 8pm.  

we're waiting for your submission to the journey of favourites

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#belperarttrail : which is your favourite?

entitled  nearly 6th . (image)

we've entered the period of time now before the submission deadline (march 10th 8pm) in which one can choose which is your favourite piece of work you have made, write why it's your favourite and submit it to the trail.

for the journey of favourites needs your favourite to help make the journey of favourites.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

learning from january weather

january presented many sledging and sliding opportunities and also one for me to experience how weather conditions affect decisions to do things.  

24 hours before the january peer to peer meeting we had clear roads and a venue that would be open. there was also a warning of overnight snow.  

reflecting upon last weekend, the peer to peer meeting went ahead not only because it was booked for that day but also so i could experience the position of potentially needing to make a decision based on weather conditions.  last weekend presented an opportunity to research something, so that in the future i can make decisions based on an informed position.

we did have a meeting with a small turn out, however once again the space to talk proved invaluable for those present.

since last weekend the weather has cleared of course and a return to a regular rythym of life has been noticed.

also since last weekend i visited the latest exhibition by ivan smith in the bulls head pub just outside belper.  i found smith's work amusing and placing it in a pub presents interesting discussional points about the liberalness of a white cube gallery space.  it's well worth the drive out to the pub to take in the ambience of an exhibition in a pub space.

preparations for the art trail continue. our january social media push about the call out has been responded to well and we've had some initial contact from sara brighty about her own journey project.  we were deleighted to recieve the email, so thank you sara and we look forward to your submission.  there's still time to spend time on your own journal journey before the deadline on march 10th.