Friday 2 November 2012

@FolkFriendzy at crich tramway museum.

annually the museum has a special halloween event at which the belper based dance troup perform.

the added attraction of the event is the chance to to have a ride on a vintage tram. the trams run all afternoon and into the evening.

i've watched the group at previous dance outs and this one is a particular favourite for the girls as they get to dress up in the halloween theme.

the first dance took place with the back drop of a low sun. helped along by a rum infused hot chocolate we stood and watched the girls smile their way through a series of routines.  it was particularly excellent to hear the time warp again.  in the second set i teamed up with another member of the audience to dance along with it.  i enjoyed that very much and when invited to participate in a group dance, took the opportunity to and throughly enjoyed myself.

after the last set we took a ride on a tram. we sat upstairs and the conductor was perfectly in character, which made us all laugh.  the tram rattled and shook it's way along the line and i loved it.

i really like how folk friendzy bring people together and give opportunities to the girls of belper and surrounding area to rehearse and perform at interesting public events.

having never ventured into the museum before i was a little unsure about what to expect.  it's a really lovely place and i think i need to go back there in the summer to ride on the tram in the light to see the views and to walk through the grounds.

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