Monday 3 December 2012

#belper winter food festival

"we normally see you behind a stall" was a comment i received as i wandered around the second belper winter food festival.  

we'd taken the decision to not have a stall at this winter festival as we didn't have an activity akin to the murmation project that we ran in 2011.  

so being able to wander around and take in the sights and smells of the day was a treat. for the first time campbell street was closed and i think if it's closed again in the summer that it'll add an interesting extra arm to the festival. something else that was being tried for the first time was using a truck for a stage on the market square. i think it worked well, however if it's to be used again i do wonder if the angle that the truck sits at needs to be considered further.

sara brighty had an open studio event for the day and i enjoyed a warming cup of fruit tea while we chatted and caught up.  there was a steady stream of visitors.

chatting with sara brought home that after the new year holidays we'll be about  2 months away from the submissions deadline for the art trail in july. 

belper can be justly proud of their now bi-annual cultural offerings.

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