Tuesday 8 January 2013

#belperarttrail what really makes our favourite?

as the daylight begins to get longer, we're focussing on another round of promotion of the artist callout.  it was launched back in october and there's about two months left to run.  at a personal level, being this organised is giving me the space to develop my own practice and ideas some more.

this morning while preparing my thoughts for this post, i spotted some information about the mostyn open 18.

i learnt that for the first time in the open's history they will be awarding a prize to the artist whose work receives the most public votes.  the open states about this vote:

 In doing so, the questions that are raised, and central to this renewed edition, are: How do we examine and judge artwork? What criteria do we bring to perceiving, interpreting and understanding artwork? What really makes our favourite? [1]

the last question caught my eye as it resonates with our journey of favourites call out theme.  the proposition in the callout will allow the audience in july to connect with the chosen outcomes of the artists who set out to arrive at their favourite work.  in those works being presented, we're then putting the audience members in a position where they can then select their own favourite from the works that we selected to be displayed.

unfortunately we don't have a financial portfolio like the mostyn, however what we do have is the process and opportunity to get out into the community and look at art work and experience what then happens as a result of seeing it.

happy new year everyone. 

[1] http://www.e-flux.com/announcements/mostyn-open-18/ accessed 09:57 8th january 2013.

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