Thursday 10 January 2013

peer to peer meetings for jan, feb and march announced.

we're pleased to confirm the next three peer to peer meetings taking place in belper at the strutts community centre.

the peer to peer meetings are a little haven of artistic conversation for a couple of hours on a saturday afternoon.  

i act as a facilitator to guide us through our informal conversations.

in previous meetings we've had many discussions, ranging from the practical to the philosophical.

we never really know what we'll talk about on the day as the discussions evolve out of those of us around the table.

it's also an opportunity to bring work along, whether it be a painting, a photograph, an artist book, a video, a sculpture or even a mixed media piece.  for me some of our best moments have been when someone brings in a piece of work and we look at it and discuss it and the artist whose work it is poses a question or invites feedback or leads a discussion about whatever else they need at that moment connected to the their work.

the peer to peer meetings offer an open opportunity to discuss one's practise and to find out about other artist's practises.

we make a small charge to cover the room rental and in that is included refreshments.

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