Friday 26 April 2013

lunchtime reflection...

after a morning where we braved the sun and the rain and the hail to visit prospective venues for the trail.

i'd forgotten just how delicate an operation this part of organising the trail is. i say delicate as i learnt a very big lesson last year about the relationship between the art work and the venue that it's in. maybe in our first year we were just lucky as everything we tried simply worked. the second year had some steep learning, so this year i'm certainly keen to apply what we learnt.

we've begun the delicate operation and while relaxing with soup felt that we had had a good morning. there's still a lot of work to do and more venues to talk to, however i feel a lot happier now that we've visited venues and shown images and begun conversations.

there's follow up emails and information to send and more waiting to be done.

for us another stage of our journey has now begun.

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