Thursday 2 May 2013

putting the journey together #belperarttrail

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i'm feeling happier today. why? because we have made really good progress through phases 1,2 and 3 of our venue relationship building programme.

it does leave me with a bit of a headache as we're not quite fully venued up and this always has a little domino effect on what we display and where.  i am very aware that we still need to make the announcements of who will be in the trail this year and chris reassures me that it's ok as she's experienced how other trails take time to let people know as it does take time to successfully realise the ambition of placement.

i am getting very excited by what we've done so far and i really really want to say more, however i need to finish some details so for now i'll leave it at that and not fully reveal the destination......

it's coming .........

the journey of favourites.

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