Wednesday 8 May 2013

#belperarttrail : form

follows function. i love bauhaus and particularly herbert bayer as he's one of the less well know members of it's haydays.

i've had a bit of a rambly day today. possibly related to a disturbed night's sleep. i get them occasionally. they might be related to the fine balance of food or drink or something on my mind.  everyday normal stuff really.

chris and i sat down with amanda from artsbeat this morning. it was early and i'd barely finished my coffee when we began to chat.  just between you and me i was bothered that we haven't quite finished putting the full trail together and as yet haven't let the submitees know the outcome of their efforts.  

upon checking in with my project plan this afternoon our lack of progress to know what the form of the trail is isn't as bad as my initial slightly sleep deprived self made it seem.  it bothers me that we haven't yet been able to confirm the trail with the submitees because i feel we should have let them know.  this is of course simply me pushing myself and responding to the self appointed pressure.  what i can add here is that we are beginning to draw up the necessary emails and there might be a few situations where we want to show something but are yet to secure a venue.  

as it was said to me on monday " you're ok though, there's loads of time till july."

meeting amanda this morning brought home the reality on the monday comment. how can we publicise something we don't know the form of?  i think the reality of that is that one publicises the concept in general terms when the full form is not known as the form continues to take shape right up to the point of the trail being live. indeed in our pilot year we still had a venue to find during the installation week, which we did.

just between you and i, i've been worried and a little stressed. all self inflicted as i want the trail to be as good as possible.

also just between you an i, that stress is coming from the need to have copy for articles publicising the trail.

note to self... publicity stuff is stressful but very neccesary, because we want the trail to be seen by as many people as possible.

on that note, it's time for a cup of tea.

happy wednesday everyone, including that alex chap in manchester...

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