Thursday 30 May 2013

#belperarttrail update

as belper comes to the close of their arts festival, where is the belper art trail in it's preparations ?

well we're not doing too badly.  may has been so busy for the town that we've kept a low profile so that the trail can emerge during june. we certainly are liking the idea of the trail being discovered. we're also liking the possibility that in wandering around the trail in july that there's an opportunity to slow down and become a tourist in one's own town.  this is of course a sentiment that totally locally has proposed during may.

in terms of where we are with venues, the open and honest situation is that we still need at least two mores venues, if not three. the process of contacting and waiting is very much a waiting game and often without a conclusion. it affects so much that at times i get a little down about it. i become so like a teenager wanting to paint something that when it doesn't look like how i image it to be, i have a strop and storm off and play with my lego.

as deadlines for press releases approach we will soon have to make decisions and choices. 

once again my own journey is punctuated by height and lack of height. maybe it's this contrast that makes a journey interesting and memorable.  soon the audience will be able to make their own call on contrast as we will be there in july with the art trail.

i'm tempted to add..... come rain or shine ..... is this tempting something ....... time will tell !!!!!!

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