Tuesday 21 May 2013

#belperarttrail june 8th peer to peer meeting

following on from the creative roadshow that chris spoke at last week we have a peer to peer meeting scheduled for saturday 8th june at strutts centre beginning at 2pm and running till 4pm.

the peer to peer meetings are for practioners in any medium who wish to talk about what they do to an interested group of people and engage in conversations and exchange of ideas and thoughts.

the format works at it's best when things that you've made are brought along to show and discuss.  we can offer you a safe place to talk about your work and experience constructive words and feedback about what you do.  it's also a place to gain advice on topics and to ask questions of the group to test out ideas/creative concerns/ or simply where to get something done.

we charge £3.50 and that includes a hot drink.

we look forward to welcoming returning and new participants.

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