Thursday 9 May 2013

everything is ok today #belperarttrail

yes... today the view looks much better than yesterday.

i put yesterday down to being tired and attempting to take care of publicity matters when i wasn't at top tip form. i must thank chris who set the meeting up and frankly was loads better in the meeting than i was.  it's good to work next to someone who is "on it" and generating a lot of momentum, especially in her own practice.

so yes it all looks loads better than yesterday and tomorrow is another day of working with prospective venues and catching up with emails.

i did wonder about yesterday.... wether or not i should be so open about stuff. what do you think?

i think in terms of for the archive of the trail, for when it's post july 2013, it is important to as well as plotting those up times to have some perspective and balance about what things were difficult, what things did take a lot of discussion and effort to sort.  i do acknowledge that as a live blog all the nitty gritty technical bits would be quite dull as a blog, so having had the wobble i intend to stick to the up times, the announcements of the venues, the listing of the artists taking part, the publication of the trail guide in which we set out which artist will be in what venue.  the cheeky chappy in my character what's the trail to be something to discover, something to ponder on, something that asks of the viewer.... what's your favourite piece of work?

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