Tuesday 5 March 2013

#belperarttrail artist submission deadline 10th march

this post is a reminder, a nudge, a go on, a don't worry: the deadline is sunday, there's still time to complete your journey.

the bevvy of submissions yesterday reminded me that the deadline is this sunday.  we've come a long way since october when the journey began and with the call out period coming to a close it reminds me of the next stage of the trail for us, the preparing and pairing of the chosen works with the retail outlets that want to take part.

i'm not sure if i've spoken about the words that accompany each work in the trail this year.  my feeling is that we'll make those available in the first incident within the downloadable guide. in the past years these words were held on the blog before the event.  with the works in this year's trail being very much closer to those who made them, i feel it would be interesting to keep the words closer to the viewer.  handling the words this way also helps to maintain the idea of the trail being a journey of discovery for the viewer as much as it was for those who submitted.

and that leads me to think about the viewers and their feedback.  i wonder if we need a method of feeding back.  utilising the communication streams already open to us we have a twitter account and a facebook profile on which to add a comment.  there's also leaving a comment here on the blog and there's also sending a email.  for me written feedback is better than verbal, simply because my dyslexic condition means that i struggle to retain those little comments in the moment of wanting to remember them.  the importance of receiving feedback is two fold. to hear what those exhibiting and those viewing get out of the experience and also to demonstrate in the future that we've had a potential impact on people's lives by staging the art trail.  the second point becomes relevant if we attempt bigger projects that require funding.  the collected feedback helps to show the funders that we have experience in producing and hearing what is said about what we do.

so for those of your in the final stages of your journey of favourites i wish you well in completing that and look forward to receiving your submissions for we shall stage ... this summer ....

a journey of favourites

how to submit can be found on the corridor arts website call out page >>>>>> http://www.corridor-arts.org.uk/abcd/call-outs/

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