Friday 22 March 2013

best laid plans and all that.

our journey to the trail in july was set to have had a major step forward today and we've been thwarted by snow.... would you adam and eve it.

we have lots to do still and today was going to start to answer some of the many questions that lay before us.

there were encouraging noises yesterday at the belper cluster group meeting. there really is a large groundswell of activity in and around belper. at times yesterday just how much seemed to be a bit of a problem as there were struggles in how to communicate about it all.  the thing is that there is so much on offer that the residents of belper will be able to experience some of it and hear about the rest.  it's very impressive and those working to make it all happen must be feeling very proud of their activities.

for those of you who have submitted work to the trail, we're asking the relevent questions to the locations and businesses that we hope will be able to display the works for us.  today's snow is a bit of a temporary set back and we will pick up the journey again soon.

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