Tuesday 12 March 2013

thank you to all of you

 who have submitted your particular favourite to this year's trail.

we (corridor arts) now embark on another phase, well several phases before we finally arrive at our journey of favourites in july.

alongside the trail we've (as a group) also expressed our interest in being involved in the belper well dressings again this year.

at a personal level, i'm now adjusting to the shift from not knowing who will submit to who has and all that follows.  we'll be in touch with everyone who has submitted when we have a little more to say than thank you for your submission.  i know if i had submitted that i would be wanting to know if i'm in the trail and where my work will be shown.  being on the inside of the process i know that to get to those two things there's a bit of discussing to do and leg work to be done. 

at some level we're all now on the same journey to the trail, experiencing similar things.  this part of the journey is a little bit up hill for us (corridor arts) so i can say at this time that we might be appearing to be slow but we are putting in the effort to get from the purple hedge to.....

the journey of favourites

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