Tuesday 11 June 2013

#belperarttrail about strategy for audience development.

what we'd like for the audience is an experience of walking through belper from venue to venue and for that to be enjoyable from point of view of viewing interesting and diverse art works with time between them to discuss the work and the built environment.

and there's the wonderful art paradox.  for all our work and effort we can only hope and wait that as many interested parties get to see and experience the trail.

as we've progressed to the trail being live the notion of discovery has appeared. we hope that this in turns develops some excitement in the prospect of that walk through belper.

to reflect the notion of discovery, on our facebook profile page we're revealing a cover image that can be used to promote the trail.  thanks to debbie at artsderbyshire for inspiring the idea.

another part of the teasing strategy about the trail is revealing the venues and the artists and leaving the connections between them to be found in the guide and in the venues themselves. 

to gauge a realistic visitor figure we will use the download figures from the guide and map as one of the strands of data gathering for trail visitor numbers. in reality there may never be any way of knowing really how many people saw part of the trail. another paradox of mounting an exhibition in this way.

at a personal level this strategy is exciting..... and i feel the risk also. risk?  i'm pushing this strategy in the group and there is potential for it to backfire on me and the group.  there's a little bit of pressure that again paradoxically could go either way.  it's becoming a fine line between information overload and information drought.  there's only one way to find out what it really turns out to be and that's to make a strategy and see the it through.

i for one am looking forward to the trail being live and finding out what people think about it.

i've remembered a recent conversation with the drop inn.  they're going to be working digitally and i got myself in a pickle with thinking that involved an electrical supply.  it is in fact digital prints and as they said "80% digital, 20% surprise".

personally i'm becoming interested in surprise...  discovery. in my own practice that's what i want to research next.  on reflection i think that my own practice is impacting on the trail.  with so many people involved i hope that the intention of discovery.... and favourite... and discussion... are present for the audience, in their own ....

journey of favourites

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