Monday 17 June 2013

#belperarttrail going green

with 21 days to go to #belperarttrail i thought i'd share some thoughts following a visit to one of the venues for this years art trail.

the memorial gardens in king street will be one of two green spaces that feature in the trail this year.

i visited the gardens on friday to take some pictures and spend a little time reflecting after the last food festival committee before the big event on the 14th july.

i've been into the gardens countless times but haven't really looked at what's in there.  

while i mused the images that i'd taken a gentleman came up to me and asked "have you got it?"  we struck up a conversation. we chatted about what i was doing and about the trail and about the town of belper.  i learnt that he grew up in belper and he can remember "the clinic" that stood where the lighthouse charity shop now stands. i recalled how i'd seen an artist's impression of a civic building proposed for that spot in the mid 60's in an illustrated history of belper in the town's library.

i learnt from him about the bluebell pub that stood on the market place during the war. it had a cellar that got used for an air raid shelter. today the building is used as a framers.

his wife joined us and pointed out that there are lettuces growing in one of the flower beds.  it got me talking about todmorden in yorkshire.  i wondered if it was a community gardening project.

we looked around and found many other varieties of edible plants

i really enjoyed talking with the couple and i think we would have continued to chat for sometime were it not for the fact that it was lunchtime and the couple had a date at geogres for lunch. i wished them well and said my goodbyes.

the whole experience was one of pleasure and enjoyment and i thank them for chatting to me.

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