Thursday 11 July 2013

greetings from ........ belper

is a participatory activity that we're running at the belper food festival this sunday.

it's come about as a result of the june peer to peer meeting at which we met artist jo kirk. 

at the meeting she brought to the table an idea of a postcard based participatory activity to do at the food festival.

between us we've developed the proposition of making a postcard to send to a friend.

on the stall at the food festival between noon and 2pm will be jo with postcards, stencils, a rubber stamp, pencils and felt tips.  in fact all the components to make a "greetings from belper" postcard that you'll be able to take away and send to a friend. the activity is both for children and adults.

we think that making a postcard is a perfect accompaniment to our journey of favourites themed art trail.

on the stall on sunday we are also going to be handing out trail maps and the strutt's north mill entry discount vouchers.

we look forward to seeing you on sunday :)

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