Tuesday 2 July 2013

setting up the trail day 4 ... .... .... questions, questions questions.

the recurring questions in today's installation endeavours were to do with has the teasing out the whose work is where got to a point of saturation?    the answers were as subjective as viewing the artworks themselves.  

we're working on the notion that until the trail goes live on july 8th the "who is where" is effectively unknown, except for downloading the trail guide in which you can read all about why the works are the artist's favourites.  i must also remember that we have that special preview event at the north mill on sunday when the artist will be available to chat about his work. i'll have more news about that tomorrow.

just tangettally for a moment our friends moon bullet are at the geogre and dragon on saturday. their style and delivery is a beautiful evolving thing. when we first saw them it was a punk ska thing. i see now that it's a funky punk thing. if you're free saturday night they are well worth a look. the beer is good at the pub too.

for lunch today i visited the river gardens. once again i had the joy of seeing the water level much lower than in previous visits. in some respect i prefer the look of the water course lower than higher.  what are your thoughts ?

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