Thursday 4 July 2013

radio interview

andrew, tim shore and ed stagg in the studio at bbc radio derby
sarah from strutt's north mill first came up with the suggestion that i should try to get onto the radio to chat about the trail. i chuckled and thought nothing more of it.

i bimbled away getting the things ready for the install and the more i thought about it the more i thought why not give it a go.  

in a very subtle manner i started communicating with andy potter of bbc radio derby and i have to say he was very cool about my subtle approaches.  the trump card of getting some interest came about after sarah was able to list tim shore's "meet the artist" event on the bbc things to do website.  i thought i could set sarah up with andy to talk about the event.

little did i expect that the response would came back that the programme would like to chat with tim and there to be someone there to talk about the trail too. i set about contacting tim and seeing if in his busy schedule he could find the time to commit to chatting on the radio.  i was really pleased after several phone calls that all was arranged and we were to go onto the afternoon show on wednesday.

day of the interview:

at a personal level i find it very difficult to fill the time before something starts to happen, so i was so relieved to see tim already at the studio when i arrived.  we caught up with things and happily chatted and i felt immediately at ease with him. our conversation transported me to another time and soon we were being called into the studio.

as we walked down the corridor i quickly negotiated with the producer for a photograph for the blog. ed was really happy to do this and i have to say we had quite  a fun time jogging around the studio to find a good spot in which to stand.

i was very nervous and this photo opportunity and subsequent banter helped me to ease some of the nerves.

we didn't really know how the interview was going to unfold and even though i felt this as it began i felt confident enough to engage with the opening question and the interview itself.  i know that my nerves are in part related to part of my dyslexia, that of processing information in real time. it's something that at times i find very difficult to do.

the interview is available on the iplayer until july 10th so rather than describe it all i'll leave you to listen to it  scroll to about 2:12 into the programme, the music leads into the interview.

after the interview finished we both walked back to reception. i was certainly pleased that it seemed to go without a too many hitches. as i don't do this kind of interview very often i was a little short on reference points as to how well it had gone.  again in the moment of talking and thinking on my feet, i am aware that my dsylexia can at times grind me to a halt  when i have moments of processing hitches.  it was my biggest fear of doing the live interview that i would go completely blank and know not what to say.

that was yesterday.

today after the single installation meeting of the day, i have spent many hours really making the most of the opportunity to get the message out there about the trail. i did this for those artists showing so they can feel that their works are going to get as much publicity as possible. 

i did it for the businesses and venues talking part to demonstrate our commitment to attract an audience to the trail 


i did it for the audience as we don't yet know you yet and i wanted to show you enough of the trail to tickle your interest to come along 


have a look 


take some time 

to make you very own ...

journey of favourites.

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